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How to start a diet,

How to start a diet

No matter what Start a diet how much we do to stay fit. Do not eat; do not lose weight despite regular exercise! Sadness is not the end.


Dr. suggested clearing your thoughts. Muhammad Jahangir Kabir. Find out now-

How to start a diet
How to start a diet,


Start a diet



Those who are used to eating in the morning, eat a cup of tea (ginger, lemon can be given a little salt) without milk sugar at eight or eight o’clock. You can eat apple cider or coconut vinegar with sausage hot water and lemon chip with safflower hot water. Besides, those who have a late breakfast habit will have breakfast at eleven o’clock and eat lunch at two and a half. And after breakfast, you have to eat lunch at half-past one.




To start a diet Before lunch, you must eat apple cider vinegar mixed with a teaspoon of water. This will not make you have gas issues and will help cut fat. Vegetables, vegetables must be cooked with extra virgin olive oil and cooked with fish (refrain from deep-fry in which food quality is nostalgic) or with cooking oil.

Boil the vegetables as little as possible. Make sure the quality of the vegetables is correct. Eat veggies with ghee or butter along with egg yolk. You can eat up to six eggs in a day with no problem. Because eggs are a source of protein and good fat. However, once the fat is adapted, you will not be able to eat so much.

You can eat indigenous chicken, either in two pieces or as mentioned beef. Do not eat meat while playing fish. Do not eat fish while playing meat. Besides, the expatriates can eat the chicken on a farm. Because I know there is an ideal diet for farm chickens (though farm chickens do not exercise, which is what indigenous chickens do). Playing lean, camel, sheep, meat is no more than a piece. In the lunch menu, you can place butter with vegetables, fish or meat, fried eggs in ghee, fried nuts in ghee. Of course, keep the salad or the carrot salad with tomato, carrot.

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In the afternoon, if you are hungry, eat roasted or mixed nuts with the above-mentioned tea, butter coffee and any kind of butter or ghee.



Even before dinner, you will eat a glass of water mixed with vinegar and eat it like noon. Item two is less than one problem no problem. Finish all meals before 8 pm. Then eat nothing but water.


That cannot be eaten –


a). Everything made of rice (rice, rice bread, rice made products)

b).Everything made of wheat (bread, bread, any type of biscuit, other made by wheat)

c).No pulses of any kind

d). Potatoes, sweet potatoes, tree potatoes or other potatoes of similarity to potatoes, which are the main vegetables of sugar such as radish.

e). Sugar and anything made with sugar.

f). Yogurt, tuck yogurt, milk, and straight milk brew.

g). Honey and sweet fruits cannot be eaten.

h). Cannot eat soybean oil, sunflower oil, rice bran wine, canola vine and anything cooked in ordinary oil.

i). Farm chicken, which is fed from the waste produced by the tannery.

j). Fat or cows that are refreshed by injection.


Which is not restricted to eating –


a). Greens, vegetables (small amounts of carrots, sweet pumpkin [cucumber])

b). Talk national fruits (egg olives, tamarind, water in a small container)

c). The fish can eat any kind. But oily indigenous fish have pangas, boils, hilsa, saplum, brigade, grasscarp, bime (better if oily or sea fish).

d). Cows and meats can be eaten, but those cows or Khasis are injection-free and can be reared (not eaten in large quantities) by eating grass, clover leaves or straw. Besides, cows and Khasi feet can be eaten. What you eat at this time is very beneficial it should be eaten in small quantities.

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e). Chicken eggs (no problem if firm, but better if omega-1 or native chicken or poultry) and try to eat fish eggs as much as possible.

f). Ghee, Organic Butter, Extra Virgin Olivel, MCT Well, Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Well.

g). any type of nuts. Peanuts, cashew nuts, pasta nuts, other nuts which you want to blend the nuts with coconut oil mentioned above; you can make peanut butter which is not comparable to eating. But eat less.

h). Tea or coffee without milk sugar. You can mix lemon, ginger, and a little salt with green tea. With coffee, you can make MCT with butter, butter or ghee and organic coconut oil by making butter coffee. It will work fine.


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